Dear all,

I'm a Ph.D. student and I'm working with 3D CT scan geometric morphometric
analysis for classification of known Malaysian crania to different sexes
and ancestries.

I collected the landmarks using Stratovan software and did Principal
component, canonical variate, procrustes ANOVA, and DF analysis using
MorphoJ and SPSS. and did visualization using IDAV Landmark Editor software
and did cluster analysis using PAST software and used SPSS for reliability

I need to classify unknown crania. How can I test the project for
identification of unknown crania?
I did CT scan for known 2 crania one male and another female and known
ancestries. Then I collected the landmarks on the tested crania using the
same protocol. Then I added the collected coordinates to the whole
previously collected coordinates of 400 cases using Notepad ++ then run PCA
and CVA on MorphoJ. then the tested crania were classified to the groups
which already known from the archive before.
 Is this method true for testing the unknown case? or I need to use another

Abdelnasser Ibrahim
Ph.D. student in Pathology department (Forensic Anthropology)
Hospital UKM, Cheras, Malaysia.

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