Dear MorphMet users,
I write you to present you a software I develop and use for my own research 
needs, MorphoDig (available at , and the 
sources at ).

Currently, MorphoDig is mainly a 3D mesh editor, and can serve as an 
alternative to "Landmark" editor to place landmark and semi-landmarks on 3D 
surfaces : 

It provides a set of tools for editing, positioning, deforming, measuring 
and rendering sets of 3D meshes (contrary to software such as Meshlab, it 
can handle interactively and easily many surfaces at once). 

Features include: 

   - Retro-deformation for fossils/distorted specimens 
   - Point and curve primitives for placing the exact type of landmark 
   points you're interested in 
   - Easy to use 3D interface for positioning and manipulating sets of 
   surfaces and landmark primitives 

Features not yet included (but should be present in future versions):

   - Binaries for Linux and Mac (MorphoDig should compile without problems 
   on Mac and Linux, but I am looking for people who could help me to 
   distribute MorphoDig of Mac and Linux)
   - Mesh Tagging (currently under development), scalar computation and 
   edition (almost developed)
   - Segmentation of ct-scan data (development not started yet)

If you find it interesting and/or are interested to participate to the 
development of future versions and/or have questions about it, please do 
not hesitate to contact me,
Best wishes,

MORPHMET may be accessed via its webpage at
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