Dear colleagues,

I would like to attract your attention on another manuscript we deposited 
to bioRxiv. Our study combines 3D geometric morphometrics, computational 
modeling with genomics to investigate the phenotypic limits of mammalian 

Yoland Savriama, Mia Valtonen, Juhana Kammonen, Pasi Rastas, Olli-Pekka 
Smolander, Annina Lyyski, Teemu J Hakkinen, Ian J Corfe, Sylvain Gerber, 
Isaac Salazar-Ciudad, Lars Paulin, Liisa Holm, Ari Loytynoja, Petri 
Auvinen, Jukka Jernvall 2018. Bracketing phenotypic limits of mammalian 
hybridization. bioRxiv 310789; doi:

Best wishes,
Yoland Savriama

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