Dear all,

Please see some of our recent papers, in case you share an interest in how GMM 
can benefit face research :)

Windhager, Bookstein, Mueller, Zunder, Kirchengast, Schaefer 2018 Calibrating 
facial morphs for use as stimuli in biological studies of social perception. 
Sci Rep
Full text at Springer Nature SharedIt initiative 

Windhager, Bookstein, Millesi, Wallner, Schaefer 2017 Patterns of correlation 
of facial shape with physiological measurements are more integrated than 
patterns of correlation with ratings. Sci Rep
Full text freely available at:

Mayer, Windhager, Schaefer, Mitteroecker 2017 BMI and WHR are reflected in 
female facial shape and texture: A geometric morphometric image analysis. PLoS 
Full text at:

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