Dear morphometricians

I am interested to obtain linear measurements from 3D models of human
fossil teeth. Given that I don’t have more access to the fossils now I am
planning to use the 3D length tool in Avizo to obtain the measurements that
I need. My question is if the measurements obtained from the 3D models are
a good proxy of those obtained directly from fossil teeth using a caliper
and if such 3D measurements can be actually used to perform statistical
analyses. In addition, I need to perform 2D geometric morphometric analyses
in some teeth (molars) where the use of 3D landmarks/semilandmarks is not
very useful. So, I want to know if there exists a way to obtain
standardized 2D pictures using Avizo or another software which can be used
to carry out 2D GM analyses.

Thank you so much for your help

All the best,


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