Dear colleagues,

I would like to attract your attention on this newly published paper.

SAVRIAMA, Y. (2018). A Step-by-Step Guide For Geometric Morphometrics Of 
Floral Symmetry. *Frontiers in Plant Science*, *9*, 1433.

A detailed guide for shape analysis of flowers with any type of symmetry 
using tpsdig2 (or equivalent) for data acquisition, R for data formatting 
and MorphoJ for visualisations. 

This is a practical translation of the theoretical and mathematical 
framework contained in Savriama & Klingenberg (2011).

Savriama, Y., & Klingenberg, C. P. (2011). Beyond bilateral symmetry: 
geometric morphometric methods for any type of symmetry. *BMC evolutionary 
biology*, *11*(1), 280.

Best wishes!

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