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Dear Morphmetters,

       I'm delighted to announce the publication of my latest
 book, A Course in Morphometrics for Biologists (Cambridge
 University Press, 2018).  There are very nice comments
 on the back cover from several of our colleagues, including
 Morphmet's own Dennis Slice.  Here's the blurb, from
 the first inside page:

     "This book builds a much-needed bridge between biostatistics
      and organismal biology by linking the arithmetic of statistical
      studies of organismal form to the biological inferences
      that may follow from it. It incorporates a cascade of
      new explanations of regression, correlation, covariance
      analysis, and principal components analysis, before
      applying these techniques to an increasingly common
      data resource: the description of organismal forms
      by sets of landmark point configurations. For each data set,
      multiple analyses are interpreted and compared for
      insight into the relation between the arithmetic of
      the measurements and the rhetoric of the subsequent
      biological explanations. The text includes examples
      that range broadly over growth, evolution, and disease.
      For graduate students and researchers alike, this book
      offers a unique consideration of the scientific context
      surrounding the analysis of form in today's biosciences."

      For those of you who have been intrigued by any of my recent
 papers -- on integration and the BE-PwV plot, on the serious
 problems with Procrustes analysis, on the many pathologies of
 principal components in GMM, or on the possible resolution of
 these problems via a new version of factor analysis --
 all of these topics are touched on here, and many, many others as well.

                              Fred Bookstein

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