*Two PhD projects: CT Scanning and Ecomorphology of Australian Lizards *

*Monash University, Melbourne, Australia*


Two PhD projects are available from 2019 in the research groups of Assoc 
Prof David Chapple (https://www.chapplelab.com/) and Assoc Prof Alistair 
Evans (http://evomorph.org/) at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.


The two PhD projects will focus on using CT scanning techniques to 
investigate the evolution and diversification of morphology within the 
diverse Australian lizard fauna (~810 species). The project will be 
supported by an Australian Research Council Linkage Project Grant (mid-2018 
to mid-2021) and involve collaborations with Museum Victoria (Dr Jane 
Melville, Dr Joanna Sumner, Dr Katie Smith-Date), the South Australian 
Museum (Dr Mark Hutchinson), Dr Christy Hipsley (University of Melbourne), 
Dr Johannes Müller (Museum für Naturkunde Berlin), and Prof Shai Meiri (Tel 
Aviv University, Israel).


Interested students should email their CV, academic record, and research 
interests to Assoc Prof David Chapple (david.chap...@monash.edu). The 
successful applicants will need to complete and submit an online PhD 
scholarship application (see 


Students will need to successfully obtain a PhD scholarship. Australian and 
New Zealand citizens can apply for a Research Training Program (RTP) 
stipend or Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS). International students can 
apply for a Monash International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (MIPRS) 
or Monash Graduate Scholarship. For further information regarding PhD entry 
requirements see: 

[image: Auslizards.jpg]


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