Dear all,

we will run the second edition of our course on "Geometric morphometrics" 
with Dr Carmelo Fruciano next March (18-22) in Berlin. 

The course will be delivered over five days and will comprise both lectures 
and hands-on sessions. The lectures will cover both basic theoretical 
aspects and their practical implementation in research practice and 
software. During the hands-on sessions, the attendees will have the chance 
of both using example datasets and applying the knowledge acquired to their 
own data. The course will be focused mainly on 2D data and on easy-to-use 
software with graphical user interface to maximize the ability to 
understand concepts and apply them. However, some information on 3D data 
and on R implementations will be provided, as appropriate.

This course is aimed at beginners and intermediate users. In other words, 
it is aimed at researchers who intend to use geometric morphometrics or who 
have started performing geometric morphometric analyses but feel they need 
a more structured background. 


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