Hi Christian,

I just released a step-by-step guide for geometric morphometrics of 
flowers. This could be of interest. 

SAVRIAMA, Y. (2018). A Step-by-Step Guide For Geometric Morphometrics Of 
Floral Symmetry. *Frontiers in Plant Science*, *9*, 1433.


Best wishes,


On Thursday, October 25, 2018 at 6:21:09 PM UTC+3, Christian Borja Tacuri 
> Hi everyone.
> I'm here looking for some help. I've been assigned to create a small 
> project where I have to compare morphometric characteristics among the 
> flowers of 10 species of Solanaceas in my country, Ecuador. So, I'd like 
> some help because I need to locate the landmarks and semilandmarks and I'm 
> not sure in which parts of the flower I should put the marks for the 
> comparison. Also, I need to look for differences between the flowers, based 
> on the abiotic factors of the places the plants live in. 
> I'll be so thankful for any guide that you can provide me. 

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