Hi all,

I am encountering a strange pattern in my data and I'm not sure if it is a 
problem with how i am collecting the landmarks or it's actually just a 
strange but correct pattern.

I work with an ontogenetic series of baleen whale skulls. The skulls of the 
fetal specimens are very small (10-30 cm in length) compared to newborns or 
adults (80-120 cm length). I would expect from my understanding of centroid 
size to increase progressively going from the early fetuses to the adults, 
but this is not the case. The fetal stages seems to overall follow the 
pattern from small to big, but newborns and adults have more variable 
centroid sizes that overlap with the range of the fetuses.

I collect my landmarks in Avizo, and I changed the scale of the 3D models I 
imported from other software to scale the skulls to their real size. 

Do you think there is a problem with the landmark collection or it could be 
possible that centroid size does not approximate actual skull size in this 

Thanks a lot!

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