Dear colleagues,

Here is the published version of the manuscript previously deposited at 
BioRxiv, now entitled "Bracketing phenogenotypic limits of mammalian 

This is the first study combining seals' genome data, 3D geometric 
morphometrics of crania, and computational modeling of teeth to examine 
the potential for mammalian hybridization between phenotypically disparate 

Savriama, Y., Valtonen, M., Kammonen, J. I., Rastas, P., Smolander, O.-P., 
Lyyski, A., Häkkinen,T.J.,Corfe, I.J., Gerber, S.,Salazar-Ciudad, I.,Paulin, 
L.,Holm, L., Löytynoja, A.,Auvinen, P., Jernvall, J. (2018). Bracketing 
phenogenotypic limits of mammalian hybridization. *Royal Society Open 

Best wishes,

Yoland Savriama, PhD
Institute of Biotechnology
P.O. Box 56 (Viikinkaari 5)

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