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This course might be of interest for people in this list: "DNA-sequence 
data and phylogenies in biodiversity", 15-18 July 2019.

For the 1st time we will run this course in Poland (University of Lodz).

Instructor: Dr. Diego Fontaneto (CNR, ITALY)

This course will introduce scientists interested in biodiversity to the use 
of DNA-sequence data to address questions that cannot be addressed by using 
only morphological and ecological data in their studies. After a short 
introduction on how to obtain DNA sequences and reliable molecular 
phylogenies, the focus of the questions that could be addressed will be on 
taxonomy, community ecology, and comparative methods.


   - Understand how to read, interpret and obtain molecular phylogenies, 
   with a focus on the concepts and rationale behind phylogenetic methods 
   - Learn tools from DNA taxonomy 
   - Learn how to include phylogenies in the analyses of community ecology 
   and in comparative analyses 
   - Hand-on experience on all the steps 
   - Being comfortable with using R when including molecular phylogenies in 
   ecological analyses 

For more information about the programme, please visit our website:

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

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Carlo Pecoraro, Ph.D

Physalia-courses DIRECTOR

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mobile: +49 17645230846!forum/physalia-courses

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