Hi Pablo,


I work pretty extensively with surface scans of ceramics, lithics, human 
crania, mandibles, and femurs (some examples here - 
https://sketchfab.com/zac_selden), and would be happy to discuss the 
methods that I use off-list if you are interested. 


I would also encourage you to review the MORPHMET archive as questions 
regarding 3D scanning and data collection pop up pretty regularly.



Zac Selden




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On Monday, April 22, 2019 at 9:29:07 AM UTC-5, Pablo Fisichella wrote:
> Dear All
> I´m trying to obtain surface scans from human skulls and lithic artifacts 
> (projectile points). I wonder how can I get the most complete possible 
> scans, I mean usually is not possibly to obtain a complete scan at once. I 
> know that several post-scan processing software have functions to fuse 
> and/or align the different surfaces obtained and then create one surface 
> but perhaps several of you have some tips to obtain the most complete 
> possible surface scans.
> Any suggestion and advice is more than welcome 
> All best,
> Pablo

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