Dear all
I'm working with five different datasets (lateral and dorsal view of the
skull and jaw) of a neotropical bat genus. My research question is if one
species (described with a single sample), is a synonym of one of the other
species of the genus. I used classify function of RRPP for this purpose,
and it solved my question generating one posterior probability for each
species of each dataset. However, I would like to know there is a way to
generate a single posterior probability for each species.
Should I join all the datasets before doing the classification analysis? Or
should I average the posterior probabilities of all the datasets? Is there
a better way to do it?

Nicole Estefanía Ibagón Escobar
PhD Candidate in Ecology  - UFV (Brazil)
BSc Marine Biologist  - Utadeo (Colombia)
ResearchGate <>
Curriculo CVLAC
Curriculo lattes

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