To those who sent me messages for helping me in my paper, thank you very 
much. Hopefully I could still ask for more help from you with my following 

1. I have the five canonical variates (CV) score and per row are the CV 
loadings of each shape configurations. There are, let's say 15 scores 
belonging to group 1, 20 to group 2, 18 to group 3, and 24 to group 4. How 
will I replicate (through an R code) these scores such that it will 
replicate into 1000 per group, so that per CV score, there are 4000 
loadings, 1000 each? 

2. In relation to 1, how will I get the Mahalanobis distance of each group? 
I will use the Mahalanobis distance for the minimum spanning tree and 
dendogram to compare the minimum spanning tree and dendogram of the 
original sample size?

Thank you very much. 


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