Hello. I have never posted here, but I searched about the problem that I am 
facing and I have not find a topic. So I am posting now.

I digitalized 4 LM and 160 semiLM (4 curves) with TPSDig to analyze the 
pronotum of six beetle species (>400 specimens) and transformed the semiLM in 
LM on TPSUtil. So I had 164 LM – I also did NOT aligned them - . I opened the 
file on MorphoJ and did PCA, CVA and discriminant analysis of the pairs. 
Everything went apparently ok. (→ I know that there are many problems because 
the exaggerated number of LM).
graphic: <https://www.ibb.co/ypcbGb8>

But now I know I had too many LM. So I deleted many of them on TPSUtil (I just 
took the TPS file of the 164 LM and deleted half of them, creating a new TPS 
file). Again, I did not aligned it. I did the same analysis on MorphoJ. The PCA 
and the CVA were ok, but the discriminant analysis did not work. I tried 

graphic: <https://www.ibb.co/j5hQq59>

So I gave up and did the sliders of the 164 LM, even knowing it wouldn’t be 
good for the subsequent analysis. So I used the TPSUtil  and did the sliders, 
following the manual. It took some time but I could save the aligned and scaled 
aligned data from TPSRelw. But again something went wrong 

graphic: <https://www.ibb.co/X8WdkGb>

Does someone know what might be the problem?

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