Hi everybody!

I just started to play with 3D GMM but I have some questions. Not sure I am 
doing the right things. 
I landmarked (anatomical+curves) the left side of six skulls and I would like 
to get my final matrix to do my analyses. I defined my landmarks and subsampled 
the landmarks on the curves. Then I patched the landmarks on all my specimens. 
So, for now, I have my 6 specimens with the landmarks at the right place on 

And here begin the troubles… I wanted to relax and slide the landmarks to 
minimize bending energy but I think the surfaces are too different because 
unless I use a stepsize of 0 (meaning that this command is useless I think) in 
relaxing and sliding commands, the landmarks do not fit the curves anymore.
#relaxLM(patched[,,i], rbind(atlas[["landmarks"]],atlas[["patch"]]), slidings, 
outlines = curv, surp = surface, sur.name = NULL, mesh = 
ply2mesh(paste("./ply/",meshlist[i],sep="")), tol = 1e-50, deselect = FALSE, 
inc.check = F, iterations = 50, fixRepro = TRUE, stepsize=0)

#slider3d(relaxedtemplate4, slidings, outlines = curv, surp = surface, sur.path 
= "./ply", sur.name = NULL, meshlist = paste("./ply/",meshlist,sep=""), ignore 
= NULL, sur.type = "ply", tol = 10e-50, deselect = FALSE, inc.check = FALSE, 
recursive = TRUE, iterations = 3, initproc = TRUE, pairedLM = 0, mc.cores = 4, 
fixRepro = TRUE, stepsize =0)

I tried to play with the tolerance and/or the bending=TRUE but nothing has 

What could I change in these commands? Are these steps mandatory to analyse the 

Any comment, advice and suggestion is more than welcome! 

Thanks a lot for your help.

Aurélien Lowie

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