Dear MORPHMET community,


I am still struggling to process this tragic news. Dennis was on my 
master’s thesis committee at Florida State University in 2010–2012. He was 
truly a great mentor who introduced me to the theory and practice of 
geometric morphometrics, which has shaped my research career in tremendous 
ways. Beyond his remarkable academic accomplishments, he was a warm, 
thoughtful, and brilliant person who always had his office door open for 
deep conversations about shape theory. I learned so much from him and 
deeply saddened by the fact that I am no longer able to discuss shape with 


Couple things I’d like to share. When asked about what he studies, Dennis 
proudly said that he works on triangles, the most basic shape that can be 
described mathematically. He showed the beauty, elegance, and seemingly 
endless possibilities that the study of triangles can offer in his 
geometric morphometric course at FSU. As a student who had absolutely no 
background in programming, he also encouraged me to learn Python and R. One 
of my favorite quotes by him is: “If you need to do something more than 
twice, you should program it.” I tell this to many students who are 
beginning to learn coding.


Dennis’ passing will leave a giant hole in my heart as well as the 
morphometrics community. I feel enormously honored to have known him. For 
those who have not had the privilege of meeting Dennis, you can get a taste 
of his character watching his Rohlf Medal presentation:




On Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 10:55:45 AM UTC-4, wrote:
>      Dear subscribers to morphmet,
>      With the deepest grief we must inform you of the sudden
>      death on June 13 of Prof. Dennis E. Slice,
>      holder of the fourth Rohlf Award for Excellence in Morphometrics
>      and tireless founder and moderator of this newsgroup,
>      who suffered a heart attack in his home town of
>      Tallahassee, Florida. Morphometrics will not be the same
>      without him.
>             Jim Rohlf, Fred Bookstein, Paul O'Higgins,
>                   Benedikt Hallgrimsson, June 15, 2019

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