Dear Moses community,

One more question on the numbers in the phrase-table and moses.ini.

Assuming that the numbers in the phrase-table are probabilities (not yet
log) If i were to multiply the weights from moses.ini to the phrase-table,
would it be:

log(weight * phrase-tabe-prob)


weight * log(phrase-table-prob)

Considering that the decoder later do an argmax, i guess the value doesn't
really matter. But it'll be good to know if its log after multiplying the
weights or weights multiplied by the log.


On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 4:48 PM, Nat Gillin <> wrote:

> Dear Moses community,
> After training the model with, I have got several files
> from the model.
> Are the numbers in the phrase-table.gz probabilities or log prob? They
> look like probabiltiites (ranging from 0-1), but I would like to confirm
> it. Is that also the same for the reordering-table.wbe-msd-bidirectional-fe.gz
> ?
> And as for the weights in moses.ini after MERT, are they also raw
> probabilities or log probabilities?
> Thanks in advance for the information!
> Regards,
> Nat
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