I'm trying to build Moses (latest version) on CentOS 7.2 and I get a
compilation error (...failed gcc.link)

The libraries following have been built manually: boost_1_62_0, cmph-2.0
and xmlrpc-c-1.39.11.

Here are the commands used and the log is attached:
1. boost
cd $PREFIX/src
tar xvjf ../srcs/boost_1_62_0.tar.bz2
cd boost_1_62_0/
./b2 -a -j4 --prefix=$PREFIX/boost --libdir=$LIBDIR --layout=system
link=static install >log || echo FAILURE

2. cmph
cd $PREFIX/src
tar xvzf ../srcs/cmph.tar.gz
cd cmph-2.0/
./configure --prefix=$PREFIX/cmph --libdir=$LIBDIR
make >log || echo FAILURE
make install

3. xmlrpc-c
cd $PREFIX/src
tar xvzf ../srcs/xmlrpc-c-1.39.11.tgz
cd xmlrpc-c-1.39.11
./configure --prefix=$PREFIX/xmlrpc-c --libdir=$LIBDIR
make >log || echo FAILURE
make install


git clone https://github.com/moses-smt/mosesdecoder.git
cd $PREFIX/src/mosesdecoder

./bjam -j4 --prefix=$PREFIX/mosesdecoder --libdir=$LIBDIR
--with-boost=$PREFIX/boost --with-cmph=$PREFIX/cmph
--with-xmlrpc-c=$PREFIX/xmlrpc-c install >log || echo FAILURE

To get the log:
./bjam -j4 --prefix=/home/admin/ONTS/Server/onts/mosesdecoder
--with-xmlrpc-c=/home/admin/ONTS/Server/onts/xmlrpc-c install
--debug-configuration -d2 |gzip >build.log.gz

I would be very grateful for any help/hint/advice.

Kind regards,
Camelia Ignat

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