we can't change the license, or dual license it, without the agreement of
everyone who's contributed to Moses. Too much work

Hieu Hoang

On 10 April 2018 at 15:47, liling tan <alvati...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Moses Dev,
> NLTK has a Python port of the word tokenizer in Moses. The tokenizer works
> well in Python and create a good synergy to bridge Python users to the code
> that Moses developers have spent years to hone.
> But it seemed to have hit a wall with some licensing issues.
> https://github.com/nltk/nltk/issues/2000
> General port of LGPL code is considered derivative and is incompatible
> with Apache or MIT license. I understand that LGPL keeps derivative from
> being proprietary but it's a little less permissive than non-copyleft
> license like Apache and MIT licenses.
> Note that this licensing issue might also affect Marian which is MIT
> license and also incompatible with LGPL so although technically users can
> chain the code from different libraries, but Marian couldn't have any
> dependencies on the Moses components. (But we know do know that none of our
> models built with Marian would work without the Moses tokenizer which is in
> LGPL).
> Would there be a possibility to dual license the Moses repository with
> LGPL and Apache/BSD/MIT license. I'm not sure whether it's allowed to have
> dual licenses with LGPL and Apache/BSD/MIT license though. Might have to
> check with some proper legal personnel though.
> If dual license is not possible would it be possible relicense the code
> under BSD/Apache/MIT license? That way it's more permissive for derivatiive
> work?
> I think the last scenario is for NLTK to drop the Python port of Moses
> code entirely from Apache license repository but I think that'll remove the
> synergy between various OSS.
> Hope to hear from Moses devs soon!
> Regards,
> Liling
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