Hello Leo,

Thanks for getting in touch, and thanks for your kind words about mosh!

Right now we have a Debian package, which we maintain in our own source
tree, and which we upload to Debian every time there's a new release. That
flows into Ubuntu as part of the normal release schedule. For users who
want something more immediate, we also have the mosh-dev PPA that pulls
from our GitHub repository once a day and auto-builds the Ubuntu source and
binary packages, and then we have a "stable" mosh PPA as well, which only
gets updated on new releases.

Is it possible to teach Launchpad to also auto-build a snap once a day (if
our Git repo has changed), alongside the PPA .debs? Can we script Travis-CI
to automatically build and push a snap each time it runs a successful CI
test on the master branch? Or how would you recommend we do this?

Mosh is pretty simple so I doubt we're going to be pushing the boundaries
of the snap format -- it's basically two unprivileged binaries and some man
pages. And a bash-completion script that gets put
in /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/mosh. I guess that might be a
little more interesting, depending on whether snap can handle that.

Happy to work with you on this if you think there is user demand for it.


On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 10:00 AM, Leo Arias <y...@elopio.net> wrote:

> Hello!
> I’m Leo. I work as part of the engineering team around Ubuntu and
> Snapcraft [1].
> Last year I found about mosh, and it has been the most amazing experience.
> It
> solves most of the problems due to my unstable latin american internet
> connection; so first, let me say thank you very much!
> I was reading about your new candidate release, and I thought that this
> might be
> interesting for you. We’re working on snaps, a platform to enable
> developers to
> directly control delivery of software updates to their users, and make
> their
> software available in a secure way, with automatic updates in different
> channels.
> The channels are particularly relevant when trying to release new
> versions, and
> solve an old problem we had with Ubuntu. Instead of having a 6 month cycle
> for
> everybody, you can push different versions whenever you want. So you could
> push
> a new version to the edge channel every time something lands on your
> repository,
> to get extreme early feedback from your contributors. When you make a
> freeze to
> stabilize for the release, you can push that to the beta channel. And when
> you
> are ready to release but want to give it to a greater audience for the
> final
> checks, you can push to the candidate channel. When everybody is happy
> with the
> release, it can be pushed to the stable channel. Your users just decide the
> level of risk they want to take, and they will constantly receive updates
> when
> you push something new.
> I this sounds like a good fit for your project, I would love to work with
> you
> making the snap. I'm particularly interested in the feedback that you can
> give
> us about a few new features that might be useful for mosh.
> pura vida.
> [1] http://snapcraft.io/
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