I was just about to write about my weekend sightings when Kim posted his so I 
will just add.

It was a very good weekend for migrants in Duluth and on the North Shore. 
Highlights include:

-Great sparrow numbers with many White-crowned and Harris's seen on the North 
Shore as well as Lincoln's, many American Tree Sparrows and, FINALLY, some FOY 
Fox Sparrows for me in Cloquet.

- Still the normal Yellow-rumped Warblers but also a Palm, Nashville, and a few 
Orange-crowned Warblers around.

- A single American Pipet, single Horned Lark, and a single Dunlin at the 
picnic area along the shore at Gooseberry Falls. Interesting that Kim's group 
had a single Dunlin at Park Point.

- I had White-winged Scoters at three locations: three at the beach house on 
Park Point, four at a location just southwest of Stoney Point, and a single at 
Stony Point. All of these birds were flying and easy to identify.

- I saw the Red-necked Loon at Agate Bay as well as three Common Loons.

- Two sets of Red-necked Grebe at Two Harbors and Stoney Point.

- The pair of Black-bellied Plover and a medium-sized flocks of Lapland 
Longspurs at the ball fields on Park Point.

- Northern Cardinal at Knife River. This is the furthest north I have seen this 
species in Minnesota.

- Merlin, Rusty Blackbirds, and Winter Wren were also seen at various locations.

There was a notable lack of raptors while out both days but Lake Superior 
seemed to be relatively active and one would probably do well to scan it 
thoroughly in the following days.

Good Birding,

Jason Caddy


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