Have you ever heard of Birds and Beers or attended one once and thought,
“Cool idea, but too far from where I live.” Well now you have two options.
On October 18 there will be a Birds and Beers in both Minneapolis at the
Black Forest and St Paul at Moscow on the Hill. This is a great way to
connect with the local birding community, learn where to find nemesis birds
or find a car pool buddy. Birds and Beers is free and open to anyone with
any sort of an interest in birds from the casual backyard observer to the
hardcore lister going for a big year. It’s low-key and it’s fun. If you
have a birding event, book or tour that you’d like to promote, this is the
place to do it.

Birds and Beers St Paul, 6pm – 9pm at Moscow On The Hill
​ http://moscowonthehill.com/

Birds and Beers Minneapolis, 6pm – 9pm, Black Forest Inn
http://blackforestinnmpls.com/   <http://blackforestinnmpls.com/>

​There is a Facebook page, too. ​

Curt Rawn

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