Due to a case of jet-lag (following 5+ weeks in Australia and New Zealand), the 
2017-18 Minnesota Birding Weeks & Weekends schedule due for publication today 
on the MBWbirds.com <http://mbwbirds.com/> website will be delayed one day. 
However, it should be on the website by noon tomorrow, December 2, and note 
that the opening day of registrations will still be on Saturday, December 3.  

Thanks for your patience, and as always feel free to contact me if you have any 

Kim R Eckert
218 349 5953
ecker...@gmail.com <mailto:ecker...@gmail.com>
http://www.mbwbirds.com <http://www.mbwbirds.com/>

(Please note: MBWs are offered in association with the MOU; we were originally 
known as MOU Birding Weekends when we started in 1986. MBW participants are 
still expected to be members of MOU, which receives a portion of MBW receipts 
in return for these updates on mou-net and in the newsletter.)
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