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I rented a pontoon boat on Lake Osakis in search of a recently reported Clarks 
Grebe which we 
could not positively identify from any shore locations in the past two weeks. 
We spent close to 
4 hours on the Lake and viewed hundreds of Western Grebes with two that were 
hybrid Western/ Clarks. Herb Dingman, Ron Erpelding, Denny and Barb Martin, Dan 
Orr, Milt 
Blomberg and Randy Fredrickson were on the trip and we all concluded that there 
was only the 
two hybrids with one being relatively close to a Clarks but not a true bird. We 
had a good day 
on the lake and a very good birding experience. It was a good learning session 
as we all 
compared our sightings and used outside sources (Bob Dunlap and Kim Eckert) to 
come to our 
conclusion. There were also a number of Red Necked Grebes and a good number of 
Gulls. Afterwords we split up but a number of us went to the Browerville, 
Clarissa, And Eagle 
Bend sewage ponds and found a good showing of shorebirds. 
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