Hello MOU folks-  I am traveling from Georgia with my nephew and a friend
to the Duluth area next weekend in hopes of seeing some of your northern
specialties.  I have been watching this list for a couple of months and
some am somewhat familiar with the area.  I am basically planning my trip
following the ABA Birdfinder publication from mid-90’s….Duluth area,
Sax-Zim, and Grand Marais and will be watching this list and Ebird for any
surprises.  I haven’t seen anything recently on the Tufted Duck…any updates?
Also, there was a somewhat reliable Boreal Owl reported from the Grand
Marais area first of January.  We would love any suggestions on
possibilities of seeing that bird. Anyway, if anyone has any
recommendations on what we should definitely do, or not do, we would be
appreciative.  Thank you for any information.


Chris Skelton

Marietta, GA
skelton.chris AT gmail.com

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