As most of you will know, there is a plan to reorganise the Mozilla
newsgroup hierarchy. The new hierarchy has now been finalised - however,
unfortunately, Netscape IS (who are responsible for making the changes)
are not going to be able to make them until their major news
rearchitecture, which involves new servers and several other changes,

This will be at the end of January/early February - that's the current
estimate (up from mid-January earlier this week.) This is because (for
reasons that have not been explained to me) doing this upgrade requires a
freeze on all configuration changes on the server from 12/18/00, and there
is not time to reorganise n.p.m.* before that date.

As a side note, for those who believe that _Netscape's_ current news
hierarchy could do with a bit of work, a polite mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
may well be the correct approach. (I have no idea what their
reorganisation involves, so they may already be planning to do what you

The tracking bug for this issue from the Mozilla side is:

The final plan for the newsgroup renaming can be found at:


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