Peter Djalaliev wrote:

Does NSS have an option to do an upcall to the Mozilla application -
e.g. Firefox?  For example, if during the TLS handshake we want to
query the user for something, what would be the ebst way to do this?
Firefox has control over all the UI. NSS does indeed make calls up to the application layer to prompt for passwords, notify about certificate verification issues, etc. The code that manages all of this is the PSM code, and it lives in mozilla/security/manager.
I thought that I can define a function that fires up an event in
Firefox and then pass a pointer to that function to the NSS code, but I
wasn't sure that would be the good way to do this.
Are you trying to get NSS to respond to a user event, or are you trying to get NSS to fire an event that you catch.
PSM already generates smart card insertion/removal events.


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