Eugene Maltsev wrote:
I have an application which uses mozilla 1.7.12 for displaying web pages.
And it doesn't work with https protocol.
PSM is turned on the only thing that happens is gpf
First there is a call to PK11_GetInternalSlot(); which calls SECMOD_GetInternalModule and it returns 0; As I understand I need to make proper initialization of NSS using NSS_Initialize and then use SECMOD_AddNewModule to add a new module.
Is that right?
Samples of NSS initiallization for simple applications can be found in mozilla/security/nss/cmd. Documentation for initializing NSS can be found at

Note, however, if you are using mozilla you should allow PSM to do the initialization. The easiest way to do this is to request some operation. something like:

   #include "nsIX509CertDB.h"
   nsresult rv;
   nsCOMPtr<nsIX509CertDB> certdb =
   do_GetService(NS_X509CERTDB_CONTRACTID, &rv);

should be sufficient. Once you've acquired your certdb you can discard it immediately if you like, PSM will keep NSS initialized.

But I can't find any samples of this in the net.
Can anyone provide the sample how to get https(nss) working in a custom application using mozilla?
Eugene Maltsev
You should let PSM initialize NSS

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