I tried to ask the same question some time ago, wanting to use the module myself. I wrote one of the developers involved who told me that the module have been abandoned for years.

There is some piece of wonderful code there to test crypto algorithms via the pkcs#11 interface and several tests for hw specific issues but what good is it if you cannot compile the stuff?

There is a lot of mozilla documentation on how to compile the suites like firefox, thunderbird and the like. But none of it complies with the pkcs#11 test suite code.

I wasn´t able to, in windows anyway

I had to give up!

Mads Rasmussen

I need some tools to test my PKCS#11 module under Windows. I'm looking
for Netscape PKCS #11 Utility Package but I have not been successful
yet. Could you give me right link to this packgae, or link to some
other nice tool to test PKCS11 module.
Thank in advance

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