I am forwarding this message to the secnews.netscape.com server,
which seems to have stopped updating this newsgroup at the end of 2005.

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It should be no secret these days that the Mozilla Foundation and its related
projects are no longer a pet project of Netscape, yet the newsgroups we are
using for public discussions still bear the Netscape name.  We've been planning
for years to move from netscape.public.mozilla.* to just mozilla.*, and the time
has finally come!

In August, we announced a partnership with Giganews Newsgroups
(http://www.giganews.com/) to provide NNTP services for our news.mozilla.org
domain.  It's taken a few months of planning to make it happen, but we're now
in the process of moving all of those newsgroups over to the new hierarchy.

For general information and frequently asked questions about the move to the
new news and list servers, see

This group will be moving to a new newsgroup and new mailing list:

Old newsgroup: netscape.public.mozilla.crypto
New newsgroup: mozilla.dev.tech.crypto

Old mailing list: mozilla-crypto@mozilla.org
New mailing list: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

When is it moving?

This group will be moving in the afternoon (PST) on Sunday, January 22.

What do you need to do to maintain your subscriptions?

If you read this newsgroup via NNTP, you will need to change your subscriptions
manually after today to point at mozilla.dev.tech.crypto.  Please note that at
this time, these newsgroups will NOT be propagated to Usenet in general, so you
must be using news.mozilla.org to access them (see the FAQ link near the top of
this message).

If you read this list via the email list, your subscription will automatically
be moved for you to the new mailing list.  You may need to adjust your mail
filters if you filter your list mail.

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, and aren't answered in the
above FAQ, please ask in the mozilla.dev.mozilla-org newsgroup or on the
[EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list

-- Dave Miller System Administrator, Mozilla Corporation
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