L. David Baron wrote:
> On Sunday 2002-07-07 19:58 +0200, Fabian Guisset wrote:
>>Documents written will of course never be lost (unless they are 
>>desperately out of date).
> Will links be broken?  That's just as bad.

There's no reason links should ever break if a smart developer works on 
the migration. One terriffic approach you can take with Zope (or any 
CMS-driven web environment with a database behind it) is as follows:

1. Add an attribute called something like "oldURI" to the "document" 
class in Zope that holds the pages in question.

2. As pages or documents get moved over, note the URIs or URLs on the 
old system. Put that URI in the field you created, whether you do it 
automatically during a batch import or manually.

3. When you're done importing a set of pages and want to switch over, 
run a script that creates all the necessary redirect directives to paste 
into your old web server's config file. Poof! Nobody gets a 404 and 
everybody gets to the appropriate page in its new location on the fancy 
new system, despite the completely different URI-naming scheme and the 
database sitting behind it. You don't have to (and shouldn't) keep the 
old site up at all post-migration apart from the list of redirects.

There's no reason this process can't be mostly automated, either, for 
trees and directories of related documents or pages.


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