Thanks for that Boris.  I'm having a look.

Does it matter that this PPH will only be for the Windows platform, and that
the code will be proprietary?  The product is an ASP webserver implemented
in the PPH and uses the Windows Scripting Engines (VBScript and JScript).
So I wouldn't be checking in any code, just distributing the DLL.


"Boris Zbarsky" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Brett Goodman wrote:
>  > Can you tell me if Mozilla uses pluggable protocols
> It does.
>  > and if so, is it similar to IE.
> I don't know what IE's looks like, so...
>  > Can you point me to some docs that describe how to implement one?
> is a start.  As the page says, it's a little out of date, and it assumes
> writing a C++ protocol handler to be checked into the main mozilla tree,
but it
> gives you a general idea.  See also
> and the various interfaces it pulls in (nsIChannel, nsIURI, etc).
> Also, you may want to take a look at the component you can install at
> -- it's a JS implementation of a
> protocol handler.
> -Boris
> P.S.  Posting in this newsgroup is quite enough; no need to send people
> mail too.

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