Dear MPB-developers and users,

I'm very new to MPB. I have succeeded in reproducing the tutorials and some
of the examples too.
Now I'm facing problem in the visualization of .h5 files with some test
case structure in 3D.  The structure file which I would like to generate is
similar to the Figure 5, of chapter 3 (page no. 33) "Photonic crystals
Molding the flow of light" (Second edition). The problem here I'm facing
is, how to visualize the file in the 3D? Is there any visualization tools
available to view in 3D of file epsilon.h5?
I found BEAM as one of the solution for it, here I can able to see all the
files in the epsilon.h5 individually, but I couldn't get much of its
information about the 3D structure.
Please direct me to get the solution for this problem.
Any help in the regards is highly appreciated.

Thanking you,
-- *Best* *Regards*

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