I want to create a line defect 1-D PhC waveguide. Below is my ctl file and
the image of epsilon file. I have a default material of 4.41 dielecric
constant and i have inserted blocks of air. To temove a single block, I
have inserted a block of dielectric in the centre of slightly less radius.
I want a single block of dielectric only in the centre which is of same
radius as all other blocks. But whenever the run the code, I'm getting a
dielectric in the centre of each block. Please help me find where am I
going wrong?

(define-param x-dim 1)
(define-param y-dim 20)
(define-param z-dim 4)

(set! geometry-lattice (make lattice(size 1 1 no-size)))
 (set! default-material (make dielectric (epsilon
(set! geometry(list(make block (material (make dielectric (epsilon 1)))
              (center 0 0 0) (size 0.3 1 infinity))))
(set! geometry (append geometry
(list (make block (material (make dielectric (epsilon 4.41)))
              (center 0 0 0) (size 0.1 1 infinity)))))

(set! resolution 16)
(set! k-points (list (vector3 0.5 0.5 0)))
(set! num-bands 50)


Please help
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