Hi everyone,

I am trying to get field data(let's say e-field) from MPB with the command:

(run output-at-kpoint fix-efield-phase output-efield)

But the outputs of e-field between twice calculation of the same code are
very different, when check the output .h5 file of the e-field. It is
obvious that the error is very big.

Even though I have already reduced the tolerance of iteration to e-8,
improved the resolution to 64 and set mesh size to 5. the difference
between 2 calculations of the same code are still different, which seems
different with big errors. I checked the output and the fixing e-field
phase function does work, but the phase is different between two
calculation. I need much more accurate e-field data

I tried different geometries and the problem is similar.

SO, I am wondering what elements influence the accuracy of the e-field and
whether there are some effective ways to improve the accuracy of e-field

Thank you so much.
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