Dear Professor Steven and MPB users,

Using the code below, I found that two theoretically equivalent X points in the 
BZ of a square lattice give very different results for the output fields. I 
have a lattice of air holes in a PC slab and I am outputting the field of the 
second band at two equivalent X points.

Has anyone else encountered this problem before?

Thank you for considering my question!


Department of Physics

(define-param h 0.316) ; the thickness of the slab
(define-param eps 10.56) ; the dielectric constant of the slab
(define-param r 0.4) ; the radius of the holes
(define-param supercell-h 4) ; height of the supercell

(set! geometry-lattice (make lattice (size 1 1 supercell-h)))

(set! geometry
      (list (make block (material (make dielectric (epsilon eps)))
 (center 0) (size infinity infinity h))
   (make cylinder (material air)
 (center 0) (radius r) (height supercell-h))))

(set! k-points (list (vector3 0 0.5 0) (vector3 0.5 0 0) ))

(set-param! resolution (vector3 32 32 16))
(set-param! num-bands 2)

(define (output-some-efields b)
(if (= b 2)
(output-efield b)))

(begin-time ;
(run-zeven fix-efield-phase output-some-efields))

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