Hello everyone,

I'm interested in doing bandstructure calculations for a photonic crystal
of two different lattice structures. For instance, imagine (in 2D) a
lattice of rods of radius R1 for all lattice sites with y>0, and radius R2
for all lattice sites with y<0. (With R1 != R2 of course.)

In my mind, this would require simulating a 1D lattice, where the unit cell
is infinite in the y direction, periodic in x. This is quite similar to
previous discussions on mpb-discuss about simulating bragg reflectors. The
main difference with the bragg reflector case is that there is no internal
"structure" in the y direction in the unit cell, aka it is uniform in y.

Is a structure like this possible to create in MPB? Please let me know if
my description is unclear at all.

Thanks very much,
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