I would like to be able to define my own dielectric function in Scheme, so
that I am not just limited to the standard shapes of circles, cones,
rectangles, etc. (and their intersections), but I am not sure how to do
In order to probe how I could define my own epsilon function in scheme, I
tried making a triangle using the following code:

(set-param! resolution 64)

(define (px p)(vector3-x (lattice->cartesian p)))
(define (py p)(vector3-y (lattice->cartesian p)))

(set! geometry-lattice (make lattice (size 1 1 no-size)
(basis1 1 0)
(basis2 0 1)))
(material (make dielectric (epsilon
(if (< (+ px py) 0.5) 12 1 )))))

(set! num-bands 8)
(set! k-points (list (vector3 0 0 0) ; Gamma
 (vector3 0 (/ 1 2) 0) ; M
                     (vector3 (/ 3) (/ 2 3) 0) ; K
                     (vector3 0 0 0))) ; Gamma

(set! k-points (interpolate 32 k-points))



So the part where I define material-func is where I'm stuck. As I expected,
this code doesn't work, but I don't know how to change it so that it does
what I want.
I've also tried similar code with epsilon-func instead of material-func.

I hope someone might be able to help.
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