This code gives vertical image when i am using "mpirun -np 6 mpb-mpi" command.
when I use just "mpb" , the code gives horizontal image. I think that this is a 

(set! resolution 32)
(set! k-points (list (vector3 0 0 0)
                     (vector3 0 0.5 0)))
(set! k-points (interpolate 8 k-points))

(set! num-bands 200)
(set! geometry-lattice (make lattice (size 15 1 no-size)))

(set! geometry (list (make cylinder
                       (center 0 0 0) (radius 0.2) (height infinity)
                       (material (make dielectric (epsilon 11))))))
(set! geometry (geometric-objects-lattice-duplicates geometry))


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