My intention was not to start a flamewar, but to contribute back a
feature that's missing in the daemon.
Actually you criticize that there was no documentation, but I do
include the documentation, since I've added it in the first file (and
by the way, I fixed the wrong comments in the file)!

All the added members in classes have their doxygen documentation too.

The "space" change you've spot is used to align vertically the
documentation improvement I've added in the conf example file. I'll
remove it, but it'll be likely ugly due to the new option name length
that's 1 char larger than the previous ones...

For verification, I see no code in the current code base for testing
the other parameters from the HTTPOutput plugin, if there was some, I
would have appended mine here. I'm probably wrong, so please spot
where I should improve the testing code. I see test_ files in Test
folder, but none of them test the tokenizer.

Please find attached a new patch, with your other remarks fixed.


2014-12-03 21:23 GMT+01:00 Max Kellermann <m...@duempel.org>:
> On 2014/12/03 17:00, X Ryl <boite.pour.s...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>  I don't see a single whitespace change in this patch.
> I do.  Proof:
> -#      type            "httpd"
> +#      type             "httpd"
>> Also, I didn't know what were the project policies, but the content of
>> the initial email is summed up in the commit message on top of the
>> patch,
>> Maybe you want me to send the patch as embedded text in this mail, or
>> with attachment is enough ?
> No, I just want NO EXPLANATION in the email.  Explanation outside of
> the commit message as an indication for a bad commit message.  And
> indeed it is bad; it contains everything in one huge subject line.
> There is no documentation, and there is no verification.  Your
> indentation is wrong (spaces instead of tabs).

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