From within the MPD application, I would like to access a Linux Named Pipe FIFO that has been created in a second application. The second application would place a STOP command into the Name Pipe, when appropriate. I would like to insert code in MPD to then monitor this Named Pipe for the STOP command and act on the command as though it was sent from an mpd client.

I believe that I understand the basic operation of command handling in MPD, so that I have an idea of how I might accomplish this. But I don't understand it fully and could use some guidance.

player_task() is the PlayerCommand handler. When a client command has been received, the player_task runs to allow the command to be acted on. When command is fully acted on , the PlayerCommand is set back to NONE. The player_task then blocks and waits for receipt of next client command, before unblocking and repeating the same command handling process.

If this is correct, I believe I would like to place the additional code to monitor the Name Pipe, in the part of the MPD code that is waiting for a client command. At that place in the code, I would read the Named Pipe for STOP command and upon receipt, set PlayerCommand to STOP, just a though it was received from an MPD client. *My problem is that I can't find where in the MPD code it is waiting for the client command*.

Any advice on my understanding/approach, or where to look in the MPD code would be much appreciated.

MPD version: mpd-0.20.9

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