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On 8/11/2017 11:05 AM, Max Kellermann wrote:
On 2017/08/11 13:45, ed mcmurray <> wrote:
On the MPD side I'm not so sure where in the code that I should create,
bind, listen and accept connections, for the socket.
That code already exists.  Why do you believe a change to MPD is
Okay, I now understand that no changes are required to MPD. I believe I can just attach to the existing local socket created by MPD.

I'm sure this should be more obvious, but any help would be appreciated.
Still nothing here is obvious to me.  I have no idea what you're
trying and why.
I am trying to allow a second application to send a STOP command to MPD, using the existing local socket created by MPD. I would like to allow a form of Convenience Switching. So if music is playing through MPD from an MPD client (JRiver). The second application could then STOP MPD play safely(as though command came from MPD client (Jriver). I have attached a terminal screen shot below, showing mpd socket assignment.
root@AeVeeStreamer:~# ss -np | grep mpd
u_str  ESTAB      0      0                      * 5147                  * 5249  
u_str  ESTAB      0      0                      * 6115                  * 6116  
tcp    ESTAB      0      0       
tcp    ESTAB      0      0       ::ffff:   ::ffff:  

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