Billy, please stop telling me this bullshit, seriously.  There is a
lot of code owned by Cary Audio you are still holding back.  Because
your software guys have redacted it from the tarball you sent to me.

I told you that already, but you wouldn't listen, you keep ignoring
that part.  Your emails sound like you're rueful, but your actions
demonstrate the contrary.

You say you want transparency, but you deliver only bullshit.  I'm not
saying you are lying to me; you probably (still) have no idea what's
going on, and you only repeat the bullshit your software guys have
been telling you.

Your software guys have thrown you in a deep pit, and you not only
still believe them, but also forward their bullshit to me.

No forgiveness can be granted to you, sorry.

You better remove MPD from your products completely, because it
doesn't look good for your license.

On 2018/02/12 18:26, Billy Wright <> wrote:
> Max,
> Our software guys are re-writing our code to be sure there are no issues with 
> MPD. We will e-mail the source code for MPD when it is completed and tested. 
> They tell me it will be the end of the month.
> I am asking for forgiveness for any current and past violations of GPL 
> compliance. It was in no way intentional, and we sincerely apologize.  We 
> had/have no malicious intent, only ignorance to the GPL.  We have no way of 
> stopping usage of code within the boxes already in the field, only correcting 
> and pushing new code to all boxes once we finish with the changes/compliance. 
>  Our intent is to be as transparent as possible and follow any and all rules. 
> As mentioned above, it is being corrected as soon as possible. Once released 
> all units are updated and all previous versions of software are gone. We are 
> not going to release any source code involving our third party partners as 
> this would be clear violations of our agreements with them. This should be 
> respected from any perspective because to do so would  knowingly put us in 
> violation of various agreements. As noted, any violation of the GPL was 
> clearly unintentional, and our intention is to rectify it as soon as we 
> possibly can.  
> We do appreciate your patience.
> Sincerely, 
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> From: Max Kellermann [] 
> Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2018 10:48 AM
> To: Billy Wright <>
> Cc:; Daryl Berk <>
> Subject: Re: [mpd-devel] Request for GPL source code of 
> On 2018/02/10 15:57, Billy Wright <> wrote:
> > I am taking this issue very seriously. Our software guys have been working 
> > on this since we became aware of the issue. They tell me it will take until 
> > the end of the month to complete and test. I will send you confirmation 
> > immediately.
> Your software guys have been working on finding the source code?  And they 
> will suddenly find it at the end of the month?
> The file you sent to me was heavily redacted.  Your software guys had been 
> very busy deleting the interesting parts.  But the GPL doesn't work that way. 
>  Your software guys have been doing all wrong.
> Your failure to deliver the full source code is an ongoing violation of my 
> copyright.  Deleting stuff from your code isn't going to fix that.  Only 
> sending the full source code of the binary you shipped is going to fix that.
> Again, just in case you still don't understand: even if you one day ship a 
> firmware image with GPL compliance, that's not a solution for my source code 
> request.
> Again, once again: your license to use MPD is terminated.  You have three 
> options:
> 1. seek forgiveness from all MPD copyright holders to reinstate the
>    GPL
> 2. choose the GPLv3 instead which allows reinstating the licesen
>    without explicit forgiveness (beware of the other implications!)
> 3. stop using MPD at all
> But again again again: that doesn't affect my source code request.
> Unredacted, nothing deleted.  That is what the GPL mandates.  Nothing less.
> I hate repeating myself and this is really annoying, but I have a feeling 
> that you still don't know how deep your hole is, and how incompetent your 
> software guys are.
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