Hi Ben,

All agreements are important, and our intention is never to violate any 
agreements. Why is Max asking us to further violate additional agreements as a 
remedy in violating one?  We now understand the GPL terms, but it would seem 
counterintuitive to expose ourselves to multiple parties.   We have no problem 
issuing our code once detangled from other libraries, which we did but it seems 
unsatisfactory to Max.   We will not knowingly violate any additional 
agreements.  The violation of the MPD was not done knowingly and with zero 
malicious intent, and we are stopping distribution of the MPD use with other 
third-party libraries. Furthermore, all boxes that have it will be forced to 
update to remove any MPD violations, meaning very shortly there will be zero 
units in the field with MPD violations.  


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Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 10:21 AM
To: Billy Wright <bi...@caryaudio.com>
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On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 17:26:58 +0000, Billy Wright wrote:
> We are not going to release any source code involving our third party 
> partners as this would be clear violations of our agreements with 
> them.

This here seems to be the root of the misunderstanding.

Why is violation of these agreement(s) more important than the violation of the 
agreement required in order to use MPD source code? The GPL is the agreement 
that defines the terms under which MPD may be used, no different than any 
private agreements which Cary Audio signed up for in order to use those the 
mentioned third party partners' code.

Max is asking that you abide by those terms. If you cannot, then Cary Audio's 
distribution of MPD is an infringement of copyright and further distribution 
must cease.

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