On 2018/02/13 17:55, Billy Wright <bi...@caryaudio.com> wrote:
> we are stopping distribution of the MPD use with other third-party
> libraries.

Apparently, you still didn't listen, or you don't want to realize

*** You must stop distributing MPD completely, because your MPD
license is terminated. ***

The license termination is one aspect.  Don't forget that my source
code request is a different aspect, and not affected by the license
termination.  Even if you never sell MPD again, you must give me the
full unredacted source code.

Yet another aspect is the damage you have caused me and the other
copyright holders by distributing (selling commercially!) our
copyrighted work without our permission.  Many thousands of
person-hours were invested in MPD in the last 15 years, and that
software has an enormous value.  You exploited this value against our
explicitly stated will and made a lot of money with it.

(Yes, these are three distinct aspects.  Don't mix them.)

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