I have responded to your e-mails from the first one. I have not ignored them, 
and I do take them very seriously. And I do sincerely apologize for any 
non-compliance. As mentioned over and over, it is intended for the new software 
to be complete by the end of the month. Once done all units will be updated and 
will not contain anything related to MPD. 

I would think that this is what you want. I think I have been totally honest 
with you. 

You are correct. I think it would be a mistake on both our parts to include 
expensive lawyers. To date, I have ignored e-mails to my distributors as well 
as various Facebook posts. E-mail addresses lifted from my Copyrighted website 
as well as hacking into our server. 

Max, we want nothing more than to settle this issue. It is a royal pain for 
both of us. Again, I do apologize. Please accept it.


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> On Feb 22, 2018, at 9:15 AM, Max Kellermann <> wrote:
> Billy Wright,
> you are still selling the DMS-500 with my copyrighted work, without
> having a license.  And you are advertising new products which include
> my copyrighted work.
> Your ignorance and dishonesty makes me really angry.  It looks like
> you just want to hold me back with your lies, and you don't really
> want to solve the problem.  Maybe you think you can get away with
> that, but you won't.  Copyright law is on my side.  You overestimate
> my patience and you underestimate my will to prosecute your piracy.
> Weeks ago, I asked you to make a suggestion how to repair the damage
> you have caused, but you never replied to that.  And you continue to
> cause more damage, willfully.
> And I still don't have the source code.
> Everything you do is wrong, from the bottom.
> Next week, I'll contact a lawyer to bring your case to court.  You
> know this will not end well.
> This is your very last chance to repair this quickly, without
> expensive legal people.
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