On 2018/02/22 11:18, Billy Wright <bi...@caryaudio.com> wrote:
> Max, 
> I have responded to your e-mails from the first one. I have not ignored them, 
> and I do take them very seriously. And I do sincerely apologize for any 
> non-compliance. As mentioned over and over, it is intended for the new 
> software to be complete by the end of the month. Once done all units will be 
> updated and will not contain anything related to MPD. 

Billy, every email from you lets me think you have no idea what this
is about.

You are still selling the DMS-500!  Including a pirated version of

Billy, wake up!!

Can it be THAT hard for you to understand what you're doing?

> hacking into our server

You believe I hacked into your server?  Did your incompetent software
guys explain it to you that way?  Really?

I believe you're using this ridiculous accusation as a distraction.  I
can't imagine you really think I "hacked" your public file server
which offered me those files.

> Again, I do apologize. Please accept it.

Apologizing doesn't work that way.  I cannot accept it.

If I hit you over and over and over, and then apologize, but keep on
hitting you, would you take me seriously?

Even if it were remotely possible to take your apology seriously, and
you had actually stopped violating my copyright - you still havn't
given me the source code, and you havn't repaired to damage you have
caused in the past.

(I fear this email is again too long and too complex for you to
understand.  Sigh.)
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